The type of pcb board material

- Jun 28, 2018-

Many PCB materials, such as glass fiberboard, paper substrates, metal substrates, as well as plastic-based, many, high-frequency PTFE, etc.

PCB type

A. In terms of material

a. Organic materials

Phenolic resin, glass fiber/epoxy resin, Polyimide, BT/Epoxy, etc.

b. Inorganic materials

Aluminum, Copper-invar-copper, ceramic and so on. Mainly for its cooling function

B. Distinguish between finished hard and soft

a. Hardboard Rigid PCB

b. Flexible Board Flexible PCB

c. Hard and soft board Rigid-Flex PCB

C. Structure points

D. By Usage: Communication/Consumer Electronics/Military/Computer/Semiconductor/Power Meters..., see Figure 1.8 BGA.

Another type of three-dimensional PCB that is injection molded is not described here because it is used sparingly.

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