Let's See How To Add In Allegro?

- Nov 10, 2018-

<br><div id="inner-editor"></div>101/5000Diǎnjī càidān lán Manufacture->Thieving…, ránhòu gēnjù zìjǐ xūqiú shèzhì yòubiān de Options de xiāngguān cānshù, zìjǐ kěyǐ shì shì měi gè cān shǔ bùtóng, ér chéngxiàn de xiàoguǒ, yǐ dádào zìjǐ xǐhuān de cānshù shèzhì. Zhàolì lái duàn dòng tú, dàjiā kàn kàn xiàoguǒ.Click the menu bar Manufacture->Thieving..., and then set the relevant parameters of the right option according to your own needs, you can try each parameter differently, and present the effect to achieve your favorite parameter settings. As usual, we will take a look at the results.


Ok, the above is the way to add copper beans! In fact, most of them now like to finish the whole board of copper plating, shielding. However, doing so will result in a lot of broken copper or copper sharp corners, all of which take time to optimize. This kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder with Pippi is definitely not able to withstand the mess of the copper plate, and there is no hole in the copper edge. However, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the applicable product types. Therefore, you can choose your own choices to make the design better and better!

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