What Is The Benefit Of Balancing Copper In The PCB? How To Add

- Nov 10, 2018-

In the beginning, I wanted to add balance copper to the purpose of beautifying the board. I didn't think so much about its function. Sometimes, the board will be empty (although this is rare, it is usually squeezed into a dog), and you don't want to go to the copper, because when you lay the copper of the property, you need to add enough Ground hole. So I thought of adding balanced copper. This board is beautiful and will be added as you are happy.

Everyone should have a common sense problem. The board should be balanced and there should be no space. The inner and outer layers have this demand. But do you really understand that the role of balance copper in the inner and outer layers is exactly the same?

The main purpose of the balance copper in the inner layer is that when the laminated copper is pressed, the residual copper ratio reaches a certain ratio or more, so that the flow adhesive is equalized, and the outflow does not flow out too much, causing the dielectric layer to be too thin. Moreover, if the residual copper ratio of each layer is too large, the problem of plate warpage will be caused. However, when adding balance copper to the memory, you can't do whatever you want. Consider the problem of adjacent layers.

What about the balance of the outer layer? Anyone who knows the PCB process knows that the outer layer has been pressed. So what is the role of balance copper? Applicable to the outer plating balance, when the outer layer is in the electrolytic copper plating stage, the whole plate current, if the copper is unbalanced, the current will be unbalanced, eventually resulting in uneven copper and copper thickness.

It is also the origin of the balance copper name. The earliest balance copper was used for this place. The addition of outer balance copper can be freely desired, without the limitations of adjacent layers. As long as the beauty is OK. Of course, there must be a certain safe distance from any in-board conductor.

So how do you add balance copper? Is there a convenient and quick way? Talk about my experience. At the earliest time, I made a package myself. The package was a few times a few copper beans, just like a staggered BGA. After loading the board, manually delete the unwanted peas. However, this method is the most stupid way, and there are quite a few.

I think that this mechanically quantifiable way can definitely be written as a SKILL application. I went around looking for it, and I wrote and wrote it myself. Later I stumbled upon a ready-made SKILL. After the trial, it was quite good. I have been using this method. Add to. Later, Allegro 16.6 was added to its menu bar, and there are more features and more options.

After the discovery, it was quite a surprise. In this a few words, I feel that allegro is still more and more user-friendly. Many of the functions that have been used in the skill are slowly added to the menu bar of the software, so that the product manager of allegro is very researched. In place, the user can truly realize the design and realize the design.

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