Prototype Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Prototype Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Prototype Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards
*High wiring density, simple combination, low cost of circuit board;
*Thick thickness and light weight, effectively reducing the volume of the product and reducing the weight of the product;
*Foldable, can be used for dynamic flexing, 3D stereo installation;

Product Details

Basic Information

Product NamePrototype Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards
Base material0.33oz Cu/12.5mm PI
No plastic electrolytic copper+ 1mm FR4/1oz Cu
Coverlay1 mil PI/1 mil ADH + green solder mask
Stiffener0.2mm PI
Surface finishingimmersion gold


Product Introduction

Prototype Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board is a special printed circuit board. It is characterized by light weight, thin thickness, softness and flexibility. Mainly used in mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, LCD screens and many other products.

As a special PCB, FPC has the following advantages:

(1) It can be freely bent, wound, folded, can be arranged arbitrarily according to the spatial layout requirements, and can be arbitrarily moved and expanded in three-dimensional space, thereby achieving integration of component assembly and wire connection;

(2) The use of FPC can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, and is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization and high reliability.

(3) FPC also has the advantages of good heat dissipation and solderability, easy assembly, and low overall cost. The design of soft and hard combination also compensates for the slight shortage of flexible substrate in the bearing capacity of components.

Packing & Delivery 

*Standard export packing:
1.Standard : bubble bag,
2.Standard:K=K carton

*Delivery time: 3~5 days after receipt deposit

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